What we do

Ark has been offering a website development service since 2005, as our customers were seeking our help with bespoke solutions and lower cost generic websites. We continue to place security and a user-friendly approach at the core of all our projects, whether they are complex solutions integrating databases and shop fronts, or websites which are simple yet visually appealing to create maximum brand awareness.

We listen carefully to our customers throughout the whole web developments process. This ensures the proposed solution meets the high standard of functionality and aesthetic required for any effective online presence.

Websites can integrate features such as blogs, links into other social media, complex database driven solutions and bespoke web applications. Our web developers are able to guide customers through a range of different approaches to find the right solution for any project. We work with organisations to offer support and training after any website is handed over, so that your staff will feel confident in any new web solution.

We have created school websites which are a central hub for all the information parents require in an easy to access format. When creating any educational website we focus on conveying the ethos of the school, so prospective parents can get a sense of those values running through all the information shared. Once again, staff will have quick and easy methods of uploading content so the school website is always current and can dynamically reflect events in the school calendar.

We also offer server side rendered SPA websites using the most up to date innovative technology to achieve blazingly fast almost instant page load times and seamless user experience this technology is used by large businesses like Netflix and Disney+.

Ark offers web hosting and maintenance packages to give customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything has been considered, from initial concept to ongoing maintenance. To book an initial consultation please email web@ark.me.uk

Common website’s

Bespoke Web Applications
Landing Pages
Database driven websites
SPA (Single page applications)

Additional services

Website hosting and maintenance packages.