Within our Education Department, we have a variety of equipment that we take into schools to use in the classroom. When we are not teaching with this, we offer it out on a loan basis. We have the following equipment for hire.

Beebots£10per week

Perfect for the Key Stage 1 curriculum, we have our Beebot set that we hire out to schools.

The set contains the following:

  • 17 Beebots
  • 3 charging trays, each charging six Beebots at a time
  • 2 Bluebots- Bluetooth programmable versions of the Beebot (programmed via iPads/tablets or tactile readers)
  • 2 tactile readers with tiles (including tiles to extend the KS1 curriculum, such as the repeat function tile)
  • Busy Street activity tin- set of 10 activity cards, 20 props and 6 jackets
  • Busy Street mat
  • Market Place activity tin- set of 10 activity cards, 20 props, and 6 jackets
  • Market Placemat
  • Clear mat for cards to be slotted into
  • Maths squares for the clear mat
  • 6 attachments for pens
  • 6 attachments with pushing arm

Micro:bits£10per week

These pocket-sized computers are ideal for the Key Stage 2 curriculum, combining drag and drop coding with a real life outcome that the pupils can see. They have 25 red LED lights that can flash messages and be used to create games, two programmable buttons that can be used to control games or pause and skip songs on a playlist, an accelerometer so it can detect motion and knows when you’re on the move and a built-in compass which knows the direction you’re heading in. Programmable either via the web with laptops, or using Bluetooth and a tablet app, our set of 16 mirco:bits can easily be used in the classroom.

Sphero BOLT£50per week

The Sphero BOLT’s can be used throughout all areas of the curriculum, bringing programming to life for children. Connecting using Bluetooth via tablets, the robots can be programmed using a wide range of free lesson resources found online through Sphero Edu. The BOLT’s themselves have a programmable 8×8 light matrix, which opens up an endless array of coding and gaming capabilities. They also have advanced sensors to track speed, acceleration, and direction and a compass. BOLT also features infrared communication, allowing your robot to “talk” with other BOLTs. Our set of 15 Sphero BOLTs can compliment and enhance the computing curriculum.

Virtual Reality Headsetspricesvary

If you’re looking to take your pupils to another world, then our Virtual Reality Headsets can offer the opportunity for a field trip with a difference. Whether you want to walk on the moon or experience a trip to mars, immerse the pupils in habitats under the sea, the rainforest or even the arctic, stand on top of an active volcano, or place yourself in the middle of the trenches of the World War, these headsets can take you there. Our set of 32 headsets can be used in classrooms as an ‘experience day’ to kick start a new topic or can be using within lessons to offer an immersive experience for writing.

These headsets are hired out for £300 a day, £170 for half a day or £75 per lesson.

Ipads£25a day

At Ark, we have a class set of 30 iPads that we use when working in schools with our equipment. This class set can be hired out to schools who are looking to invest in the technology but wish to try and test them in their setting first. The iPads can be pre-populated with apps that you may wish to trial and, working with your Ark technician, can be set up to work on the school’s Wi-Fi.

Sphero BOLT£50per week

Green Screen Kits£10a week

Whether it’s small green screens for an animation project, or our large green screens for a filmmaking topic, we can provide the equipment to use in the classroom. Our Green Screen Kits offer four full large green screens that can be set up in the classroom, along with lighting. These kits can be hired out on their own, or can be used as part of a £200 day rate with a teacher to create your projects with the children. 

3D Printer and Penspriceson request

If you’re looking to host an experience session for Digital Art in the classroom, our set of 3D pens and our 3D printer might be an option to consider. Please get in contact for more information.